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Bakery Cooking Play Dough Busy Box, Ice Cream sensory Bin, Play Dough Baking Kit, Birthday gift for girls, Bakery Bin, Gifts for Children

Bakery Cooking Play Dough Busy Box, Ice Cream sensory Bin, Play Dough Baking Kit, Birthday gift for girls, Bakery Bin, Gifts for Children

šŸ° Explore the Delights of Baking with Our Bakery Sensory Kit! šŸ„–šŸ©

Step into the sweet world of baking with our Bakery Sensory Kit! This delightful set is designed to spark creativity and imagination while introducing children to the joys of baking.

šŸŖ Immerse in Bakery Bliss: Watch as your little ones embark on a culinary adventure in their very own kitchen. From the aroma of freshly baked cookies to the texture of fluffy dough, each item in our Bakery Sensory Kit is carefully selected to evoke the sights, smells, and tastes of a bustling bakery.

šŸ„ Create Sweet Treats: Encourage hands-on exploration and creativity as your child engages with our bakery-themed sensory materials. Whether they're kneading pretend dough, decorating cookies with colorful sprinkles, or arranging cupcakes on a tray, our kit offers endless opportunities for imaginative play and sensory discovery.

šŸ§ Promote Learning: Foster early learning and development as your child measures, mixes, and bakes their way through pretend play activities. From learning about different ingredients to practicing basic math skills, our Bakery Sensory Kit provides a fun and educational experience that encourages cognitive growth and learning.

šŸž Encourage Social Interaction: Share the joy of baking with friends or siblings as your child invites them to join in the baking fun. Whether they're hosting a pretend tea party with homemade treats or collaborating on a baking project together, our kit encourages cooperation and teamwork while fostering social skills and friendship building.

šŸŽ‚ Create Lasting Memories: Whether it's a birthday celebration, a holiday gathering, or just a rainy day at home, our Bakery Sensory Kit is sure to create lasting memories and endless fun for your child and their loved ones. Perfect for budding bakers and baking enthusiasts alike, it's the ultimate way to bring the magic of the bakery into your home. Order now and let the baking adventures begin! šŸžšŸ§

The Sweet Treat Shop kit includes:
- Bakery Storefront
- Wood Stamps
- Silicone Cup
- Miniature Waffle Cones
- Spoon
- Pony Beads
- Gems
- Ice Cream and Candy Charms
- Ice Cream Cones
- Plastic Gemstone Rings
- Small Plastic Jar with Gems
- Drawstring Purse with Plastic Coins
- Beaded Necklace

Box dimensions are 9x6x1.5 inches
NOTE: 2 containers of 2oz play dough included

*Please note that while the contents of each kit will be the same, the colors/styles of the contents may vary for each kit.

WARNING: Kit contains small parts that may be a choking hazard. Not recommended for children under 3 years old, Parental supervision is recommended for young children.

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Box dimensions are 7.65x6.7x2.25 inches

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